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2 JUL 2017

Power Our Future 2017

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HomePintxos in Vitoria-Gasteiz

[ Pintxos in Vitoria-Gasteiz ]

Vitoria-Gasteiz enjoys Pintxos: Nowadays, pintxos (tapas) are no longer something that merely comes with a drink, they have become the key element of one of the most entrenched social customs of our land.

And one of the main strong points of the Basque tourist offer. Catering establishments not only delight the palate of customers but the presentation of the products is also worth seeing.

They combine tradition and modernity as the primary flavours of the products employed are totally respected during preparation.

It is in the technical and presentation stages where free rein is given to the imagination; resulting in veritable works of art. Hence, the well earned denomination: haute cuisine in miniature.